A shot with Alejandro Franco ISR @CyberArk: Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. – Albert Einstein

Even if you don’t know exactly where you’re going if you keep moving you will get to a point where what you have learned, lived and loved gets you to a better place than before.

You just have to take a look far into the horizon from time to time to see that you are heading to a nicer place.
If you stop moving (physically, mentally and professionally) you will expire.

In my personal and professional life movement is what keeps me going. Only when I stop for long periods of time have I been sick or depressed. I have been around for 43 years and have lived ups and downs in my life.

When in my 20’s all I wanted to be was my own boss, an entrepreneur, and started my own restaurant with some friends. We grew up to 8 restaurants and some nice income on the way up.

In my 30’s all I wanted was to get the beautiful wife, a house, a car, some kids and a dog. Once I got them all I wanted to grow professionally.

Seeing that the restaurant industry was staying static and that I couldn’t move more freely in my own company I decided to take some air. I retired at 40 (something I really wanted to achieve when I was 20).

If I would’ve stayed in the same place, as of today May 2020 I would be in a very complicated situation: in a company with closed stores, no income, massive layoffs and bills to pay.

So movement, patience and time were that got me to this place where I am now.

I have helped startups, worked in some cool projects hand on hand with entrepreneurs and at the end saw that retirement wasn’t for me.

I got a job in a new industry and in a new and exciting role.

Now I am moving more freely in a startup-like environment, as an employee, taking measured risks (without the financial pressure of people depending on me) and earning a fixed income to support my family.

Just keep moving, fail often fail hard and try not to step on the same stone twice (or thrice)

Alejandro Franco ISR at CyberArk

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